Indian Velvet - Substance Designer
Marcelo souza indian velvet 011 crop

I had the idea to add the tiny white hairs 5 minutes before posting the image. :)

Marcelo souza indian velvet 011
Marcelo souza screenshot 6

CloseUp on the first Black Version without the tiny white hairs layer active. The latest version has the hairs on.

Marcelo souza thumb indian velvet01

Thumb Closeup

Marcelo souza screenshot 2

This was an early one, that looks a bit more like silk.

Marcelo souza screenshot 13

From the beginning of the process. Start looking more like Velvet. Part of the "trick" is to compose the curvature map into the albedo map.

100% Substance Designer. Wip. Kind of Velvet-cushioning with my indian theme-pattern.

First time trying to replicate a Velvet look directly in Designer. The shaders are limited and it was fun to tweak the maps to suggest this look as much as possible. Think its sort of working. I had the idea of the micro tiny white hairs 5 minutes before posting it here. lol. I helped with the look.
Maybe it's too much on the render, but it's procedural i can change this with a slider. :) I don't have time to post more assets now, or a breakdown, but i will, soon. :)
I am creating almost one Substance per day. Finally I am getting faster on it.