Procedural Skin Rnd
Marcelo souza test02c

Can you guys see the micro veins? They are there, i swear.

Marcelo souza clothskin 01

As my daughter described. It's a ghost made of skin. (I Hope she doesn't have nightmares with this)

Marcelo souza clothskin 02

Is this Pig skin ?

Marcelo souza clothskin 03

I need to work more on the procedural pores.

Marcelo souza skin slices

Exported Maps

Marcelo souza test02b

Close Up test on Redshift to see it with SSS. I tried adding some fur but i don't have xGen Skills, yet. (unfortunately i don't have a redshift license) The thumb is from a real skin reference.

Marcelo souza skin albedo graph

The Albedo. Skin has a lot of colors. And this is a simple setup.

Marcelo souza microveins

It's pretty hard to do "veins" on Substance. I did it in a dirty way. Wish to have some kind of L-System in SD in the future... ;)

Marcelo souza skin v03 basecolor

A variation of the skin, more pale. I am happy how the albedo looks at this stage.

Marcelo souza skin albedo

More tinted variation.

Hi. Here's another study that i made some time ago, but didn't posted. Just because it's not fishished. Of course, Skin is something that is not made of a single "pattern" so it does not make sense to just look at it as a tile. But this could be used as a base shader to paint skin layers in Substance Painter.
Most of the frames here, are from OpenGL viewport of Substance Designer, so they don't have SSS effects, i tried some tests on RedShift using one rough export of the maps and the SSS worked ok. Overall it's a case-study. Using Zbrush seems like more effective way to do Skin maps because of its complexity and diverse nature depending on the part of the body. But i like to make the Albedo on Substance. Its very promissing. :) Hard to see but i added micro-blue veins in the skin, fat tint, etc...