Marcelo souza lego2
Marcelo souza lego1
Marcelo souza lego4
Marcelo souza spherified lego01
Marcelo souza spherified lego02
Marcelo souza lego5

Lot of jaggies and of course bended legos. :)

Marcelo souza outputs

That one is a classic among Substance Designers. I gave it a try. But its almost impossible to avoid colisions, glitches and weird cuts/booleans on that one. Maybe if split them into layers and treat them independently it can turn out better. But it was just a fun study for now. Maybe i will revisit it in the future to tweak those flaws. Be advised. You will see lots of Jagged Edges, colour bleed and Weird mesh intersections. :) That said, it's colorful and fun to see. Rendered in Substance Designer iRay.