My Arcade new Generation
Marcelo souza angled01
Marcelo souza side01
Marcelo souza back01
Marcelo souza closeup 01
Marcelo souza closeup 02
Marcelo souza closeup 03
Marcelo souza back02
Marcelo souza stand01
Marcelo souza top front01
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Marcelo souza 50527346 396409481114047 2918182329170001920 o
Marcelo souza 51121300 396409431114052 5168159917080576 o
Marcelo souza sbs shot

Again. I did a new Arcade. This is the new generation of my 2yrs old project RomniArcade. This is the CompactPi. From 3D project, to Real World using a 3D Printer to re-arrange plastic molecules in the form of an arcade guided by my 3D modeling. lol
Then, now that i alredy have it in the real world, i send it back to the virtual 3d world. I am planning to do an animation or a poster using it. It's so cute ! :)
So today i did some wip renders using 3dsmax and Corona. Damn i LOVE using Corona everytime ! Did some graphical-looking shots. Hope you guys like it. :) That project was really fun to do, in 3D, and in the real world and now back doing a look dev for it. ;)
It was REALLY fast and easy to create the shaders for it, specially the plastic that has a good touch of Sub Surface Scattering. It looks almost exactly the real thing here on my desk. :)
I didn't added materials to some parts, just because i like to "clean" look of flat shaders for this renders.