Marcelo souza m1 2k

Found a free SketchUp model of the amazing BMW M1 car, and started to do a retopology work and modifying it.

Marcelo souza m1

Trying in Orange. :)

Kumodot marcelo souza gits v01 01b

Color and volume sketch of a new project i´ve started last night. Trying to block the "mood" first with almost no modeling work. Once the looks is cool, i will start to add details.

I loved the few car scenes on the Ghost in The Shell movie. So i was inspired to start a new project around that subject/mood. So i started blocking a scene last night. This is a mood sketch, made using only very simple models. So it´s a work in progress yet. :) Now this box that looks like a car (Its a Lotus espirit free remix) can start receiving some modeling love. :)
I would like to explore that mix of 2D + Realistic 3D look too. Its a good challenge to burn some creative sinapses.