Rhodotus Palmatus - Wip
Kumodot marcelo souza cogu wip02

Day 2 - Some Updates to the enviroment, with the addition of some "liquens" to the tree...

Kumodot marcelo souza cogu wip01

Round 1 - First hours working on light/shading - Day 1

Kumodot marcelo souza clay sketch


Personal work, based on some mushroom photographies of the Rhodotus Palmatus variety. It´s far from "done", i need to do a proper displacement map to the "domus", and i am not happy yet with Mushroom shader. I want to add a little storytelling to the image too. I don´t like do "empty" images with "no story" behind them... ;)
This is a good start, but i had much more ideas for it... That´s the fun part. :)