CHEX 3D Cereal

THE GRINCH x Chex Cereal Holiday 2018 - BTW i didn't made the Grinch hand that animation was provided by the client.

Marcelo souza chex grid box macro

My real References... It doesn't need to look exactly like any of them, but a mix of each. It can't look too dry, neither too fried, or wet.

Marcelo souza 03 ztl scatterdynameshed

So after some iterations i had the idea to create like 7-8 different particles/meses in 3Dsmax, and scattered them over the surface of the base mesh. I mapped the distribution to have more particles on the inside of the cereal.

Marcelo souza chexzbrushlayers

So i imported all the meshed particles into zbrush and blended them on it using Dynamesh. Then i made layers of noises to break the surface like this...

Marcelo souza chexlookdev lit 02 03 sbsbw

That was for the "texture" (not colors" approval. As they vary a lot in colours i've made a B&W version of the real one (right) and the 3D one (Left) so i can judge just the sculpt/forms, etc.

Marcelo souza hypershade

That's a funny fact, after spending almost a day doing complex shader versions, i was leaving the studio and deleted everything and did it again in 10 min. And that was the best one. lol

Marcelo souza chexlookdev wip

This is the "final" version of the 3D CHEX. I will try to render it on a better angle and using the final model (which is slight different (closed gaps on back) and post later.

Worked as a generalist on this one at Tendril Studio. I made the Zbrush sculpting over the base mesh made by Ben Pilgrim. Did some particle in Max (To blend on Zbrush), shading/render and Pre-Comped in Nuke.
I tried a different approach on start, doing the base texture on Substance Designer + Painter. The "problem" is. That thing in real world is tiny, and it was NEVER used BIG before, so, we took a bunch of macro photos to look how was the "texture" of its surface before starting, and we saw a LOT of layers and details that are impossible to see on a naked eye. BUT the CHEX need to appear BIG on screen for this piece and it needs to have a match with the real product at the start of animation.
So in the end it needs to look like something between the macro shots and the real tiny Cereals, but it needs to be big on screen. :) I made a lot of scatter distributions and some displacement layers and mixed everything up using zbrush + sculpted over it a bit.