YumYummy Superlicious - Tendril.ca
Marcelo souza planet v08 bg05a tag

Wip frame from lookDev stage i did for Yummy Hungry Animation

Marcelo souza hungry 0312 tag

Wip Frame of the final animation. Yes the Dof was faked, it does not follow optical rules lol. :)

Marcelo souza lit yeti 04 04 tag

Final LookDev frame for the Yeti Short animation.

Marcelo souza lit yeti 04 04b tag

Another version (Earlier) of this frame. This one has a more "real looking" ice, but i had to change to better "reading" of what's inside.

Marcelo souza superlicious bg variations batch01 tag

Contact Sheet of Colour variations. Mostly BG variations.

Marcelo souza burgers versions tag

Burger variations and some references. It must look between "real" and "cartoon" look. BTW : I know that the cheese should come on TOP of the meat. lol.

Marcelo souza burger lit 04 01

Stills from the Yum Yummy Superlicious short animations we did at the studio for the launch of the Mobile game. :)
The game is in 2D but we did the 3D version of it for the shorts. I did a lot of LookdDev/Lighting and texture work for those animations. Used Substance Designer for many maps, and i worked on the Nuke composition of this one too.