Que Monstro te Mordeu - Opening Animation - O2Filmes

Que Monstro te Mordeu - Opening - 2014

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Wip Frame of one scene with 3D objects around the girl. Everything but the girl and the monster/chair/table is CG.

Marcelo souza livro teste corona

LookDev for one of the books.

"Flapping Book" test loop - Corona Renderer - I worked on the Rig and animation. Another Senior animator made the final anims to the intro.

Opening Animation for Tv Program called "Que Monstro te mordeu" (in Free english translation "Which monster bit you"). It's an amazing educational Tv Series where monsters are based on kid's drawings. Each episode has a diferent new monster in the monsters world.
I worked on Lookdev/render, modeling, pre-animating, pre-comping all the scenes with the flying books.