Old Typewriter

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 The Mood of an old Typewriter 

This is a Mood and Shading study trying to add Visual Weight to a very simple 3D Scene. The goal was to achieve good results using simple models and dramatic textures, Dof, and render. The target, of course is the realism, but without losing the scene/mood aesthetics.

Here´s a snapshot of the Scene from another perspective. As you can see the light setup is VERY basic, and so it´s the model. 😉

Typewriter from another Viewpoint

Typewriter from another Viewpoint

Corona Keys

Final Image

Yeah ! :)

3DTotal Golden Eye Excellence Award


Side Note : I am using a render called Corona for this image. It´s a unreleased (Alpha Version 4), of a new CPU based Path-tracing renderer. (un)biased. It´s fast and can produce realistic results. And its extremely addictive to use ! 🙂 A  nice touch was achieved using the excellent CobWebs Maxscript from John Martini !
 Drag the line left and Right 
typewriter_wireCorona Keys


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