Ford Fusion – Shading/Animation Study

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Virtual Set and Car 

Personal Study of Animation, shading and lightning. The render was made using Corona Render and 3DSMax. The 3D Model of the car isn´t mine. I´ve modeled the entire background BASED on Nissan Altima Tv AD (By Framestore). The target was to really CLONE that visuals to push and test the limits of this new renderer called Corona, and improve my skills using it too.

At the day i´ve started to study the Corona Renderer, i was checking some videos and trying to take something to test on Corona immediately… So i was watching one of the fantastics Arnold Renderer´s demoreels and found what i am looking for. Is good to make a test using a “real world work”, because Virtual Cars are something very comercial and 3D is an excellent tool to create beliaveble and fantastic car scenes/Ads. So, i would like to give it a try ! 🙂

Work of Someone else using Arnold Renderer. My reference to replicate.

This was my direct reference on this exercise. (THIS image above IS NOT MY WORK, JUST the reference frame from Nissan Altima Tv Ad.)


 Trying to clone a high-standard work for a good purpose 
Fusion Corona

Ford Fusion and Enviroment – Virtual Car rendering. This is a cleaner frame cause i leave the cpu processing it for more time for the still.



The Car has a multi-layered shader. One glossy base shader to give volume to the lights over the geometry, and another layer with tighter reflections. The floor gets the same treatment. 2 shaders overlayed (blend shader) the more reflective shader has a bumpmap and glossiness map to make it look more detailed as the reference. The entire scene is mainly lit with just ONE big light over the entire scene. This area light is covered with a translucent White “Glass” simulating a real life situation on a real set. The light worked EXACTLY as i expected. 🙂 There´s 2 more small area lights on both sides just to give more volume to the walls.

So, i´ve found my target, accepted my mission, and started to work at a Saturday afternoon. The nice thing about Corona Renderer, is it´s fidelity to what you expect for every aspect of shaders and light. The light spreading and shader feedback is amazing. It´s extremelly simple at that Stage (Alpha V4), but it´s already an amazing tool with excellent results out of the box. Everything you think and put on your shader seems to come out “better than expected” on the render.



The render time (Above animation) was about 15 minutes per frame, which i can consider extremely fast given the results. And taking into account that i´ve rendered it with MotionBlur and Depth of Field activated too. There´s a little noise (mostly on the first darker parts). I worked to get the render smoother on post production, added the glows, little colour correction and Flares on the headlights.

The purpose of this isn´t to be creative . The enviroment creation isn´t mine (I just model and shaded my own copy), i´ve just want to put corona to the proof, taking a high quality commercial work made with a high-standard and mature Renderer like Arnold. By the way. The study was done in one weekend. But most of that time was spent rendering the animation (only on my machine).


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