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 Slate Material – Tool – First MultiMap creator 

New Script – FirstMultiMap from msouza on Vimeo.

This is the second script tool i´ve made this week! Now its my first one messing with Slate Material. This one, make the process of first setup of a MultiSub Matrial a lot easier. When you create multi-sub using Max tools, it just creates a lot of unuseful standard materials and a lot of nodes. Sometimes you just want a few, sometimes a lot of them… So, i decided to create this tool for my personal use. But i am sure it could be useful for you too… !
|How to use it :

– Run it . You´re gonna see that´s 4 Material Types options and the script will automatically greyOut the ones you don´t have installed and automatically “check/choose”, the current material type set on 3dsMax… But you can change as you want.
– Select some “virgin” objects on the scene. They doesn´t need to be virgin, but keep in mind this script will replace ANY material already applied to selected objects after you press APPLY…
– Press APPLY.
– Your slate-material window will pop on screen and your nodes and materials are served. I set one checker map on each difuse using object color, just to check the UVW if you want. (Maybe i will put a checkbox option for this in the future…
– Don´t worry, the script will not mess with your actual Slate Tabs, it lives on it´s own tab, the FIRSTMAT tab.

INFO 1 : When you press APPLY, every object receive a new SolidColor and a MaterialID Modifier. If they have any other modifier applied they will remain there. But if any of then already have a MaterialID modifier this modifier will be edited to another MatID number. All the selected objects will loose any past material.
This script was planned to be used on NEW objects to start a new shading work. Don´t apply to objects that already has Materials, if you don´t want to erase them.
INFO2 : The script creates it´s own Slate Tab. The FIRSTMAT TAB, that tab will be cleared out, everytime you press APPLY. You can save it just renaming it before pressing another APPLY, if you want.;)
The version 1.99 DOESNT WORK with Corona 7.2 and bellow. Use the version 1.98 if you use Corona up to 7.2.

First MultiMap - Slate Material tool
First MultiMap - Slate Material tool
Version: v.1.98
10.3 KiB

First MultiMap - Slate Material tool V 1.99 - CORONA after 7.2
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