Rapadura Cast – Mic Animation

 Short Deadline 

Watch it !

My friends from the site “Cinema com Rapadura” (One of the best sites with news about movies in Brazil) , had a nice PodCast, called RAPADURACAST. Since they are releasing a new section with video called “Traillers Comentados”, they need a little logo animation to the intro. But they don’t have a deadline and asked me to make anything to fill the space of this intro.
This was on a Friday. And i’ve just created this little intro to them. Modeled, Rigged (Very simple and buggy), light/shaded/composited until saturday. I don’t like to work on a hurry, but on this case it was not work, it was just for fun. 🙂

There’s bugs and problems with the animation, i know, but i tried the best for the given deadline.

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