Neosaldina Animation – Mini VW Bus (Kombi)

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Animation made for Neosaldina Tv Ad.  This was my first time using Corona Renderer on a Real World production. Since this work, Corona become my main renderer for most of my job. No regrets at all. It worked flawlessly. My role on this, was to make the Vfx Supervising (On set), Cg Supervising, Modeling, Shading and animating the VW Bus.

I will post here some images from the process.


Neosaldina Mini-VWBus – Final Animation from msouza on Vimeo.

Neosaldina - WV Kombi Progress

4 stages of Shading process to comparison… From Left/Right/Top/Botton. My light reference using a miniature, the working in progress CGI composed on the real footage, the real Car, and the full CG render.



Shading Test. Entirelly in 3D. With depth of field, on rendertime.

Here´s a short animation test, to check the shaders “in movement”… No flickering, no artefacts, and it was FAST to render. Just 10 minutes per frame. 🙂



The director wasn´t sure about the best trajectory for the VW Bus, so, i did 4 different animations to show him. The choosen one was the option 2. 🙂



The above animation was an alternative version. Never aired. 😉


 Finally, here is the full TvAd … 

 …and the Making-Of (in portuguese).  

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