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  Pernambucanas Ad  

My role in this Project has started on the pre-production, working with the Director/Agency to help on the development of the characters actions on our “virtual game world”, and converting it on an Storyboard/Animatic.
I acted with the 3D direction,Post Production and Look and Development phase, generating elements in the composition to apply the “VIDEOGAME” concept to the entire piece.


Being responsible for the final composition and assembly of the 2D animated part, color treatment, and side effects added to the assembly step, such as smoke, shadows of the characters, floating t-shirt icons,particleFx, and 2D animations of Letering signs within the film.

 There’s a “VideoGame” pixelated treatment over the entire image,that makes it cooler than we can see at Vimeo. PLEASE Play it in FULLSCREEN to see that effect.

 Progression Video 


 (above)  A side-By-side video with some production steps.

My Look n Dev stage for the “Game look” for Pernambucanas Tv Ad.

    The client’s reference for this animation was the old 16Bit plataform games. (Sonic universe was the main visual reference for characters). Following this briefing i’ve started to create some sprites to use in the game, and pre-rendered it to be placed over the 3D animation on the composition (2D) stage.
One of my biggest my personal reference, of animation style,was the excellent game called “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World The Game”. The effects are very dynamic and simple at the same time.

Here’s some sprites i’ve made for this production. Basicaly particleFx using metaballs solution and Cartoon Shading…

 Will it Blend ? 

 My main question before to start this job was about the whole thing look. I can’t be as “destructed” as a 8-16Bit (low resolution) game, but it CAN’T look like a “Flash Animation”, with very high Anti-alias, and i don’t want it to look just like a simple 3D Animation. It will not fit the client needs if we just follow the easier path. So i’ve produced some earlier tests to find this look, and to aprove it with the Director. Here’s a fast proof of concept for the entire concept. Very initial stage :

Full Credits :
Agência: JWT
Anunciante: Pernambucanas
Campanha: Dia das Crianças 2011
Título: Mundo Irado Pernambucanas
Criação: Adriana Bello, Roberto Cardoso Jr., Giovanna Fazio e Rafael Alves
Direção de criação: Roberto Fernandez, Adriana Bello e Roberto Cardoso Jr.
Atendimento: Patricia Campello, João Brito, Luiz Esteves
Arte buyer: Patricia Motta
Mídia: Carolina Bertão e Elza Brito
Fotografia: André Andrade, Marco Aurélio e João Ávila
Produção gráfica: Flávio Schaefer e Caio Damasio
Aprovação: Rogério Marques, Paula Freire e Cláudia Dado
Produtora: O2 Filmes
Data de veiculação: 26/9/2011
O2Team :
Post Production Manager : Tamis Lustre
Director : Renato Rossi
Team manager: Ricardo Laganaro
3D Director : Marcelo Souza
Animators : Radames Araujo, Patrick Botton
Post/Composition/2DFx : Marcelo Souza
Modelers : Radames Araujo, Rafael Lawrenz, Fernando Faustino e Eduardo Lima.
Textures/Shading : Rodrigo Elias, Fernando Faustino
2D Animatic : Ebson

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