Marvelous VolksWagen Factory

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CG Society Interview
CG Society Interview

This fictional enviroment was developed by the SeagullsFly’s concept art team for VolksWagen Ad Series named “The Marvelous VolksWagen Factory”. Working as CG Generalist at SeagullsFly (2008) I helped them with the translationĀ from the 2D concept of the factory, and its surroundings, to the 3D enviroment to match the director’s vision. Adding some little changes on the original design to make it work and looks like a car factory;

We’ve made a total of 3 Tv Ads:

  • “Factory Welcome” – External View and Enviroment;
  • “Big VolksWagen Fair” – The big Car Fair on the ground;
  • “The Spy” – The SpyRobot;

My main work was :

  • To Create the 3D Building of the Factory and it’s surroundingsĀ (model/shading/lighting);
  • Light/Shading/Render/MatchMoving of the external scenes;
  • Composition (After Effects) of the external Scenes;
  • To create the “Big Fair” shot;
  • Modeling/Texture/light/shading of the Spy Robot;


Spy Robot

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