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 Live Distance Tool 

LiveDistance tool for 3DSMax - Version 2.0

LiveDistance tool for 3DSMax – Version 2.0

I was working on a scene where the spatial position of the objects was important. So i had developed this simple tool to help me with this task. It’s a “Live Distance tool”. It shows the distance, on the screen, from any selected object to a reference object. It’s useful for just check, on screen, things like 3d camera target distance, or the distance from an object to the camera. So it’s easier to set the focus plane even on a non-targeted camera, for instance.
|How to use :

– Run it and click “SET REFERENCE” Button, and pick you reference object/element on the scene.
– If you just want to set the selected element as your reference, just press “S”. (Pick selected)
– Now you can click any object on the scene and move it, and it will show the liveDistance, using WorldUnits on a Label near the object.
– You can select more than one object to show the distance, and you can Turn on and Off the Labels too.
– If the Labels overlap your object or it’s confusing, you can adjust the Offset using the provided controls.

INFO 1 : When you open the Script after using it for the first time, it still remember your last reference object.
INFO2 : When you close the Script, it automaticaly disable the Labels, to save processing.

LiveDistance Tool
LiveDistance Tool
Version: v2.0
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