KumoTools RND – Meet Caos!


I like to code, but I’m not talking that i am a good coder. I like to use little scripts to improve my workflow, and I like to learn about coding to help me on some tedious tasks.I advise to everyone to start learning a bit of coding in any 3D Package, cause it opens your mind and break some workflow limitations. It can helps a lot and keep your mind focused on more important things…
This is my very first decent script (MaxScript for 3DSMAX). Simple and usefull. I will improve it with more functionalities over the time.

Breaking the CGI Look

Everything made by computers tends to serves the precision and the perfection. This is good, but not always good. If you want to replicate reality will need to go deeper… Our reality is something very complex to replicate and the precision of our 3D tools can’t help us with this. You need to input some level of CAOS to this scenario to reach realistics results.

Caos, is on every aspect of real world. So, we need to work on the level of our visual perception. We need to talk directly to our eyes and braind to bring that subtle realism… And adding CAOS is surely a KEY factor on the path to bring realism to our images. This scripts helps on this point, making easier to disturb the computer’s perfection. Bellow, a simple example of how adding a little bit of caos, on a simple model, resulting in dramatic changes for realism.

Using KumoTools RND, i’ve added a little rotation (2 degrees on X and Y) on this set on those 100 reflective planes, and then i’ve randomized the MaterialID of then, making a random “Dirt Layer” in the shader. Take a look on the shader and the before/after comparison bellow :


Material, Max, 3d, shader
The MultiMap Shader with Dirt Maps applied.


Caos, Maxscript, max, 3d
With and without Caos Added


Demo Videos And Dowloads


This example above was made using the script witha “animate” on.

Thanx for the help with MaxScript to my friends: Fabio “Mussarela”Ricardo FerroRenato Polimeno

KumoTools RND 0.95
KumoTools RND 0.95
Version: 0.95
1.6 KiB

KumoTools RND 1.21
KumoTools RND 1.21
Version: 1.21
1.8 KiB

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