One Day in the Future of Fiat Mio

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Project made for FIAT Brasil and AgênciaClick, to be used on the worldwide premiere of the MIO Concept Car. A collaborative and original brazillian project design.

Agency/Art Direction : Agencia Click Isobar
Production : O2Filmes
Live Action Director : Paulinho Caruso

The main idea was to make a Short Movie that features a simple storyline but act as a showcase of the car and project  features and how those features can help the 2 guys in the movie on some casual tasks, and get them done.

All the project was build from the ground along with the creative heads of Agencia Click, Fiat and “Centro Estilo”.
My main roles on this project were as:

  • Internal Project Management (with a great help from Stefan Susemihl);
  • On-Set VFX Supervisor;
  • 3D Directing/Supervisor of the project;
  • Some Matte Painting;
  • 3D Generalist, look development, shading/lighting;

All Car DESIGN and MODELING was made by FIAT and it’s Designers.

One Day in the Future of Fiat Mio


My First 3D Concept Image of Mio - Background Photo editing by João Bizaro.


Here, below, the First Look Development i’ve made for the “Via Mio”. A Special intelligent road with energized “tracks” that controls the cars and connect them on a “mio Network”. That track can recharge the car batteries using WiTricity tecnology (Wireless Electricity)

My First "LookDev concept" for the "mio road"


This was one of the scenes made by me :


This Article is not complete yet. So, here’s the finished movie for your appreciation :

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