CGI Coca Cola Bottles

Improving something that’s already good

While working at SeagullsFly (in 2008), i was requested to rebuild their base shading/light setup that serves as master project to generate all the Coca-Cola bottle stills. From time to time they have a bunch of bottles to replicate in 3D to be used on printed Ad campaigns. But they need to do some improvements on the old light setup. Coca-Cola company and Agency’s art directors are used to do those ads using real studio photos, so, they were very skeptical and exigent related to the presentation of their products.
More than improving something that was already nice, my work was to minimize the post-production of the imagem, trying to get a more “ready to use” resultant image from 3D render, reducing the after-work on the photoshop stage.

Fake or Foto

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a Real Bottle and the 3D bottle using the new Setup. Of couse every bottle acts different under this light setup and need customizations and adjustments, like on a real Photo Studio… The CGI Bottle stills looking like an illustration, but the versatility of CGI on this case make it more appealing than real photos, even missing some very subtles (and nice) aspects of a real image…

Side By Side with real picture

The Label is the only part added on Photoshop. This makes easier to make versions of the bottle with different labels.

Video Progression
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