ClothWorld Fish for Confort Ad

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A “confortable” Fish made of Cloth


This Fish made of “cloth” and stitched with splines,were made for a printed Ad campaign, while i was working for SeagullsFly Studio.

The Art Director,Ricardo Nogueira, gave me an initial simple reference (at left) to follow and let me free to create over it’s basic concept. The deadline was very tight, like 1 or 2 days to create, make and render it in very high resolution. Lots of Pizzas and Cokes after i’ve finished the Fish. 🙂

There was another Cloth Creature being made by my fellas at SeagullsFly at the same time. Check it out TOO! The ClothWorld Macaw, by Pedro Conti !


I know that the eyes don’t fit well with the image, but, i wasn’t allowed to change it’s look. It had to follow the concept of the eyes of all the characters on the previous Ads.
Do the Trick, move the line!
All the Wrinkles are Hand sculpted using edit poly sculpting/deform tool inside 3dsmax. All the sewing lines are renderable splines manualy placed.

And here’s my Final Render :

Ogilvy BrazilArt
Director: Ricardo Nogueira


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