Elite Squad – BOPE Logo Revisited

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BOPE LOGO Revisited


After the Elite Squad movie, i became a huge fan of “BOPE”. Their are like “Our S.W.A.T”. A specilized police of our army. They use a polemic and infamous emblem with a knife a skull and 2 pistols. This emblem produce one of the most knowed taglines of the movie. “FACA NA CAVEIRA” (Knife in the Skull). The emblem has a very simple design, so i’ve decided to my own revisiting, doing my personal version of this logo. My version was made to be used with my friends as our CLAN TAG, on Call of Duty 4 (PS3 Network). Click on the image at the side to see it bigger…

Knife on The Skull

That image was almost entirely made on Photoshop. The only 3D part are the “Iron Wings”. My wish is to rebuild the ENTIRE logo in 3D and make an animation with it. 😉 Just for Fun.

This will take some time to be done… For now, i’ve animated that PSD in after effects to be on my site/Reel. An interesting thing is that i’ve made the entire sound design for this piece too. 🙂 Check it out here (bellow) :

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