Kumodot is a brand to host projects of a group headed by Marcelo Souza.

Hi,my Name is Marcelo Souza, borned (1973) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . I´ve created this name/group/site to showcase my work along with projects made by the group called Kumodot.

In a nutshell, i am a 3D Artist, engulfed by this passion since i was a teenager. Since those good old days,back in 1992, i am studing about 3D/Digital and conventional Art/ Photography, and everything related, almost every days and nights of my life, course, not forgeting the importance of life itself .lol. I am working as a 3D Generalist since 1995.

So…What KUMODOT means ? Is it something from Japan ?

  • No. There’s no serious reason or meaning on this name. It was picked just because i like how it sounds on my ears. “Dot” sounds like “robot”, kumo, is like komodo (dragon), but changing “o” to “u”, so kumodot… If you really wants to find any meaning, i can say that “Kumo” means SPIDER (in japanese), and DOT, means “.” (dot)… So…Whatever. 😉

I have to confess…I have a demoreel, and it’s a shame that it’s so old (2007). Right now i am editing a new one for this site. Stay Tuned.(or Not)



So, enjoy the site, leave comments and have fun.

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